Spades,Hearts, King, Queen, Jack…Oh! Cardigans not cards!

The Queen of Hearts, she had cards, but cardigans, she did not. The cardigan is a piece of clothing that you really never realized you needed, until you set foot into the work field. Most of the time employers want you to have your shoulders covered and be at the utmost conservative. So, just like work sometimes, the work wardrobe can become somewhat mundane. (Like Alice, I have an older sister too!)  She can attest to this fact because she is the one that wanted me to write about cardigans. She said she feels like a ‘grandma’ when she wears them and wants to know how to wear them in a more youthful way. So, she asked her little ‘Alice in Wonderland’ obsessed sister to come to the rescue and think up some ideas on how to spice up the ol ‘yarn and cat’ cardigan.

Since my sister feels like a cat lady when she wears cardigans, I find it appropriate to name these ideas ” Dinah’s Tips”  after Alice’s friendly feline of course! Follow these and  I promise you will look prrrfect;)

Dinah’s Tip 1:

Ever thought of adding a thin belt to your beloved cardigan? Add a solid or patterned one to a simple cardigan. Think animal prints or a bold color.  It’s a great and trendy accessory to add to your everyday cardigan. It will also give you  a defined waist. If you are petite, stay with styles that hit the top of your pants/skirt. If you are tall, you will be able to wear longer cardigan looks.

Dinah’s Tip 2:

Most women sport dress slacks when they are sitting behind the desk. Those are comfortable yes, but may I suggest a pencil skirt, pleated flowy skirt, or dress with your cardigan? Try a cardigan with a jeweled collar and it will add instant glam. You can even add a collar style necklace and it will give your cardigan a vintage appeal.

Dinah’s Tip 3:

Adding varying styles of tops underneath your cardigan can also make a style statement. Try silky or lacy camisoles! You can also do fitted button down shirts underneath and fold the sleeves over the cardigan sleeves. Layering is always a great look and will keep you warm. Wear your cardigans buttoned in the middle if you would feel more comfortable that way. If you only button a couple in the middle, it’s like saying, “Oh, I just threw this get up together.” No one will know that you planned it to a T or cardi!

Dinah’s Tip 4:

You know that I am always going to suggest scarves. We may not have the comfort of home with us at work, but scarves can always make us feel cozy. Try bright colors and patters to livin up simple cardigans.

Dinah’s Tip 5:

This may sound a bit grandma chic, but adding a vintage broach could also make a cardigan look brand new.  It adds visual interest and a unique touch!

Dinah’s Tip 6:

I know I mentioned jewelry earlier, but it’s definitely a must have!  Layer long necklaces over cardigans to look simply chic!

I hope you found Dinah’s Tips helpful.

…Oh and if you see the Queen of Hearts, maybe lend her a cardigan, she can be quite cold.


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